Book of Metaphors: A Descriptive Presentation of Metaphors for Adventure Activities

Association of Experiential Education


Outlines metaphors for adventure-based activities.


Book of Metaphors, Volume 2

Kendall / Hunt Publishing Company


Book of Metaphors, Volume 2 presents additional group activities that use metaphors to enhance learning for participants in adventure-based program.


Ten Things You Need to Know About Coaching Before You Get a Coach

February 11, 2015

Coaching can be a complex proposition for someone who is looking for help to be more successful. There is a lot of misinformation and marketing talk on the Internet. With a straightforward and direct presentation, Ten Things You Need to Know About Coaching Before You Get a Coach reviews the critical information that you need to know when shopping for a coach of any kind. Included is a Coach Decision Worksheet to help you make an informed decision in selecting a coach.

Motivational Interviewing Made Easy

A Simple, 5-week Program to Build Motivational Interviewing Skills

February 15, 2015

In his book, Motivational Interviewing Made Easy, Scott Graham, a member of the Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers, provides a simple 5-week program to help you strengthen your skills in Motivational Interviewing. Focusing on shifting select communication styles, Graham, will help you develop half-a-dozen motivational interviewing habits that will improve your effectiveness with your clients. This book includes links to tracking sheets to help you monitor your progress as well as support from the author as you grow your skills.

Work Exchange: A Handbook for Hosts

May 15, 2015

Are you hosting a volunteer from Workaway, HelpX, Volunteers Base or other work exchange service? Work Exchange: A Handbook for Hostswill help you figure out what you want from a work exchange while avoiding issues and problems. You'll learn strategies for recruiting, screening, preparing for arrival and working effectively with your volunteers including support and supervision. This book even guides you on how to wrap up the experience. Links to resources and additional tools for hosts are included.

How to Become More Linkable... ...and Likeable on LinkedIn

March 18, 2016

In their book, How to Become More Linkable... ...and Likeable on LinkedIn, Scott Graham and Joel Legunn help you learn critical elements of a strong LinkedIn profile then set goals to maximize your presence on LinkedIn. This eBook includes two worksheets and the offer of a free social media coaching session which includes a review of your LinkedIn profile.

Check! Your Guide to Creating a Life Transforming Bucket List

October 14, 2016

A bucket list is not a shopping list, a to-do list, or a travel itinerary. Unfortunately, this how many people approach writing a bucket list. A bucket list should inform and guide your choices on a daily basis, helping you to clarify your values and craft an exceptional life.  In his book, Check! Your Guife to Creating a Life Transforming Bucket List, Scott Graham takes the expertise he has garnered from helping people as a Career Coach and outlines a 17-step process.  You will not end up with a bucket list but you'll learn things about yourself that you might not have even known. And the result? You'll lay the foundation for an incredible life.

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