Are You Working on Your Business or is Your Business Working on You?

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"I need to work on my business more."

That's what business coaching clients usually say when I ask them why they are considering collaborating with me.


"I work too much."


"I never take a vacation."

Translation:  I am working in the business and not on the business.

What does, "Working On not In my Business" Really Mean?

work on not in your business

To the best of my knowledge, Micheal Gerber originated this phrase in his Emyth series of books.  Working in your business means you are doing the technical front line things that make your business work (If you are a landscaper, that means you are mowing the grass and planting the flowers).  Working on your business means that you are doing the back end things that make the business work efficiently and prosper (If you are a landscaper, that means you are reviewing profit and loss statements, creating and following strategic business and market plans, monitoring systems and assessing how the people mowing the grass and planting the flowers can work better and faster, streamlining communication, taking three days away from the office to sit and think about the business).

As you can see, there are vast differences in the daily life of the entrepreneur who is working in their business versus working on their business.

A Business Coach Will Ensure you Work on Your Business

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Let's face it; there are a lot of pressures pushing you to attend to the technical  / delivery side of your business, first and foremost is the customer.  Business coaching will help you create the accountability and focus you need to make your business work more efficiently.

How do You know if you are working on your business instead of in your business?

Most people just guess.  As a business coach, it is my job to remove the guess work.  That's why I created this self-assessment tool for you to determine how much (or how little) you are working on your business.

Download the Business Assessment Tool

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