Sun 73 Form Movements - Tai Chi

With Sun 73, there are 73 different "forms" or movements.  The interesting thing to me, as an instructor of this style of Tai Chi, is that some of the forms are a very complex sequence of multiple movements (like Leisurely Tie Coat) while some of the Sun 73 forms are a very simple single movement (like Open Hands).

Sun 73 Form Tai Chi - Group One

  1. Commencement (Wuji becomes Taiji)
  2. Leisurely tie coat
  3. Open hands
  4. Close hands
  5. Single whip, left
  6. Lifting hands
  7. White crane flashing wings
  8. Open hands
  9. Close hands
  10. Brush knee, left
  11. Play the lute
  12. Parry and punch
  13. Carry the tiger
  14. Push the mountain
  15. Open hands
  16. Close hands
  17. Brush knee, right
  18. Leisurely tie coat, right
  19. Open hands
  20. Close hands

Sun 73 Form Tai Chi - Group Two

  1. Single whip, left
  2. Fist under elbow
  3. Repulse monkey, left
  4. Repulse monkey, right
  5. Brush knee, left
  6. Leisurely tying coat, left
  7. Open hands
  8. Close hands
  9. Single whip, right
  10. Wave hands like clouds, right
  11. Higher horse
  12. Toe kick, left
  13. Toe kick, right
  14. Step forward firmly and punch downward

Sun 73 Form Tai Chi - Group Three

  1. Turn body, 4-step kick
  2. Subdue tiger
  3. Toe kick, left
  4. Turn body, heel kick right
  5. Parry and punch
  6. Carry tiger
  7. Push mountain
  8. Open hands
  9. Close hands
  10. Brush knee, left diagonal
  11. Leisurely tie coat, diagonal
  12. Open hands
  13. Close hands
  14. Diagonal single whip, forward right
  15. Parting wild horses mane
  16. Leisurely tie coat
  17. Open hands
  18. Close hands

Sun 73 Form Tai Chi - Group Four

  1. Single whip, left
  2. Wave hands like clouds, left
  3. Brush knee, left and lowering movement
  4. Golden cock standing on one leg, left, then right
  5. Fan backs (4)
  6. Fair lady working at the shuttles (4)
  7. Higher horse (with touch back)
  8. Cross hands and pat foot (lotus kick w/ right)
  9. Forward step, punch & crouch

Sun 73 Form Tai Chi - Group Five

  1. Lively step &  (partial) leisurely tie coat
  2. Open hands
  3. Close hands
  4. Single whip, left
  5. Lowering movement
  6. Forward step, seven stars
  7. Backward step, riding tiger
  8. Turn body, lotus kick
  9. Draw bow to shoot tiger
  10. Double forward punch
  11. Yin and yang merging as one
  12. Closing (Return to Wuji)

Sun 73 Form Tai Chi Notes:

  • “Leisurely tie coat” is not the same exact movement but multiple variations of that movement.
  • Adapted from a list created by Anne Bower, Oct. 2019.

Sun 73 Tai Chi Videos

Sun 73 Form Tai Chi Demonstration | Front View by Susan Thompson

Sun 73 Form Tai Chi Demonstration | Back View by Susan Thompson

Sun 73 Form Tai Chi Demonstration | by Master Trainers, Dr. Paul Lam

Sun 73 Form Tai Chi Demonstration | by Sun Lu-t'ang

Sun 73 Form Tai Chi Demonstration | 70%, back view

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