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What is coaching?

Invest 6 minutes to listen to an audio and learn what life coaching and business coaching is all about.

Business Coach / Life Coach Scott Graham talks about what to look for in a business coach / life coach and how to make a decision to proceed with coaching:


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Learn the 10 things every person considering a coach should know:

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"How can you tell if a Career Coach is any good?"


How will coaching help me?

Every business accomplishment starts with trying

Both Life Coaching and Business Coaching will help you:

  • identify more rewarding goals.
  • develop clearer, sharper thinking.
  • optimize your ideas.
  • ignite your personal development.
  • target more meaningful accomplishments.
  • increase profits, make more money and gain financial security.
  • create a happier, more fulfilling life.

Sound grand?

"When all is said and done, the one sole condition that makes spiritual happiness and preserves it is the absence of doubt."
                                            - Mark Twain in Eruption

Become internally motivated -- trusting your own intuition rather than relying on external circumstances to keep you moving.

Become courageous -- persevere as you follow your true values.

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What does "azimuth" have to do with life coaching or business coaching?

Business and Personal integrity is like following a compass.

What is an Azimuth?

An azimuth is a course from where you are to your destination and is represented by the 360 degrees on a compass.

A magnetic azimuth represents the affect of the earth's magnetic field on your compass at your location.

So if you really want to go 90° East true azimuth, you can't just point the compass and go. You need to know how much the earth's magnetic field affects your compass where you are. Only then can you "correct" your compass and follow a true azimuth to your destination.

What are the "magnetic pulls" in your life?

In life you can also choose many directions. But most people underestimate the magnetic pull of bad habits, stale thinking, old assumptions. These impact their efforts to move in a certain direction.

How can you be sure to follow your "true azimuth"?

To be effective in our lives we need to know where we are, where we want to go, and then to develop new strategies and tools enhancing our abilities to "correct" for old habits, thoughts and assumptions. Then we need to get going!

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